What Is Bonsai: Definition And History For Beginners

A bonsai tree is a perfectly scaled artists representation of an ornamental tree or shrub. The bonsai tree is gently sculpted over time to characterise a full-sized and mature tree that would be found in nature. Bonsai is a technique that forces artificial dwarfdom of trees or shrubs. Typically, bonsais are grown in shallow ceramic pots.

Bonsai Losing Leaves? 3 Reasons Why & What You Should Do

Is your bonsai tree shedding leaves at an alarming rate? Don’t panic, and keep reading!

This could be a perfectly natural event, or it could indicate a severe problem. Your first step should be to figure out why your tree is losing leaves. Then you can take appropriate action.

You should act quickly to intervene in case the loss of leaves is due to a severe problem that you will need to correct immediately. Or it could be as simple as going into dormancy for the winter – something that Chinese elm bonsai trees are prone to.